Richmond Aqueduct

Richmond Aqueduct
Second Largest Aqueduct Built on the Enlarged Erie Canal (1856-1917)

Heritage Park Design Committee

The Montezuma Heritage Park Design Committee (HPDC) was formed early in 2010 by the Town Board to build support and foster planning and creation for the park and for stewardship of town-owned parkland and historic resources.

Our goals are to enhance the community by reclaiming the heritage that initially developed the town with the existing historical and environmental resources to aid economic development, accentuate and preserve historical sites, conserve the ecological splendor of the area, and to provide many enjoyable and healthy recreational uses.

Meetings are held at the Town Hall on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Anyone may attend and offer input.

The following are Members:

John Malenick, Town Supervisor
John Potter, Planning Board Member
Mike Riley, Canal Society of New York
Katie Jakaub, Resident
Dan Randolph, Montezuma Historical Society
Paul & Bunny Baker, Montezuma Historical Society
Kathy & Jim Decker, Montezuma Historical Society
Stan Longyear, Montezuma Historical Society
Jeff Dawson, Highway Department
Cheryl Longyear, Chair and Town Historian