Richmond Aqueduct

Richmond Aqueduct
Second Largest Aqueduct Built on the Enlarged Erie Canal (1856-1917)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Photos of Closing Out the Dig on September 26, 2009

We completed our work at the Four Canals site in Montezuma on September 26th. Here are photos of the work that was done on that day. Click on any picture for a larger view.

Choose your weapons, diggers -- we're ready to begin!

David Babson and Paul Baker uncover black plastic protecting Unit #3. This unit contained the wheel found from our August dig. 

Uncovering the wheel still intact in Unit #3

Terry Warner works on detailed sketch and measurements of the wheel found in Unit #3

Mike Riley, Canal Historian discusses the history of the site with Paul Baker and Ed Laraway.

Maureen O'Hora sifts as Pete Kappesser dumps another shovel full of soil  from level 3 in Unit #2

Margaret Sullivan resumes work in Unit #2 while friend, Pete looks on.

Margaret saying, "I can't believe Cheryl talked me into this AGAIN!"

Nancy Bates, our photograher in Unit #2.

Don Watkins resumes the surveying work.

Mr. Toad was not happy we uncovered his napping ground.

David Babson excavates mule/horse shoe found in the sidewall of Unit #1.

Bunny Baker and Bob Melvin cover Unit #1 to close it out.

Josh Lindstrom sifts through soil from Unit #3 while Bob Melvin and Barbara Black look on.

David Babson checks the soil type from  level three of Unit #2.

Mike Riley and Ed Laraway cover up Unit #3 to close it out.

A 2009 Penny was placed in each unit before closing.

Our September 26, 2009 Crew
Left to Right: David Babson, Ed Laraway, Bunny Baker, Stan Longyear, Cheryl Longyear,  Mike Riley,  Pete Kappesser, Paul Baker, Bob Melvin; Front: Margaret Sullivan, Nancy Bates, Don Watkins, Terry Warner

Ed Laraway and Don Watkins carry out the excavated wheel.

Stan Longyear leads the crew out on the towpath trail at the end of the dig.