Richmond Aqueduct

Richmond Aqueduct
Second Largest Aqueduct Built on the Enlarged Erie Canal (1856-1917)

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Next Step....

The Montezuma Historical Society has scheduled a Cleaning Party on Saturday, March 20 and 27. Mr. Babson will be joining us at the Montezuma Town Hall to give us direction on the next phase of this project.  We'll be bringing our toothbrushes (never to be used again for tooth cleaning purposes) and dish pans ready to scrub clean the artifacts uncovered at last Fall's dig.  

The glass and ceramics will be cleaned with water; the metal will be dry brushed. The artifacts will be placed in cardboard trays to dry for a week. We will then return on March 27th to place them in archival acid free, zip-loc bags of various sizes and classes (ceramics, glass, iron nails, other iron, other metals) by provences.

We look forward to working with Mr. Babson again, and I'm sure we'll learn much more about what was found last Fall.