Richmond Aqueduct

Richmond Aqueduct
Second Largest Aqueduct Built on the Enlarged Erie Canal (1856-1917)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I read an article that I saved from the 2010 September/October issue of Talk of the Towns which I recently revisited. It's a reprint from the Planning Commissioners Journal about considering art as a part of community planning. The article by Ric Stephens says that public art is rarely included in planning because art doesn't match the traditional approach to planning.  Planners often ignore art because it cannot be quantified. It implies emotion and subjectivity, and we believe planning must be rational and objective.

The article goes on to explain it's a complex subject when considering art in the community's planning processes, yet there's evidence when measured in terms of increased property values, public participation, visitor and resident satisfaction, it adds real value to yielding a vital community. Signage for example can go beyond basic way-finding to help with the community's identity and sense of place.  Another example of art are the murals seen in towns and cities across the country that have become a cherished part of the civic landscape. They are visual products of a powerful collaborative grassroots process in communities, and a great source of inspiration to residents and visitors. The mural-making process gives communities a voice to tell their individual and collective stories, a way to pass on culture and tradition.

Mark DeCracker of Lyons has worked to bring a dream of a friend, Noel Dobbins a reality. Noel's dream was of having 50 miles of murals along the Erie Canal.  Noel's vision was just underway when he died in October of 2007. Mark has gone on to inspire and help communities along the Erie Canal corridor to plan mural projects.

Montezuma is the only canal town between Macedon and Syracuse that doesn't have a mural. The Montezuma Historical Society is working to Close the Gap, and put Montezuma on the map of murals across the state.  As part of fund raising for the project, the Society is offering a chance to win two 2012 season tickets for a Dinner Cruise at the Camillus Erie Canal Park.

Please help us close the gap!

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  1. Go Montezuma and thank you for this, Cheryl !! What a beautiful story related to the one man's working to fulfill another man's dream after death.